Pay $4299 For 10KWSolar Panels

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If you see closely or try to search where to look for this page when u visit next time? Actually there is none to trace this link once u leave this page. This page is not indexed as like other pages and the offers that you see here are not for the regular website visitors. The offers are for selective visitors like you and thats why you are reading this. Save the page link before you switch and close your browser.

There are many strings that are attached to make profit margin out of solar business and first of all we can not offer such low margin profit always going on, so based on strings and obviously by lowering our profit margin to least we come up with all this low price offers. Check Past prices and see the price deference 

Yes, rebate is still available and we are also pushing hard to encourage citizens of Australia to give up coal fired energy and switch to renewables. A country with sunny sky like us is not every where and we still generate 60% of our total energy from coal fired energy.

There is a specific calculations method to define the total rebate amount which is based on postcode, system design, system size and existing power source.

How ever clubbing up rebate and incentive from our side the total figure rounds about 40% of the total cost. And yes we are giving up maximum portion of out profit margin towards incentive through price cut. We have walked so far on this renewable journey since 2013 and there is no turning back though it might cost our profit margin.Its not that we don't make profit, we make profit though its low and we are increasing that margin bu cutting down middle man cost and through adopting AI to automate out business process..

Yes we have very affordable and reasonable finance options for the one who really wants to switch from coal fired energy to harmless green energy and we are partnered with most prominent finance partner in the market available to ensure quality of service and value for your money.

Yes, we are CEC Registered member and we are in business since 2013 supporting each and every prospects with resources to understand green energhy resources and switch from coal fired energy sources.


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