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Any advice on cleaning solar panels with some serious lichen growth?

Any advice on cleaning solar panels with some serious lichen growth? Don’t think pure water and brush is going to cut it on this one. Like this posted on facebook

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Tony Sumo Wieden
Soak with water and dishwashing liquid..... I use Morning fresh, the lichen will soften up then scrap with a a plastic scraper... I used a large $3 one mounted on the end of a pole....most of it will come off then brush..... 👍
The correct ratio of sh. Rinsed well afterwards. Won't hurt the glass or aluminium framing.
And I think they're well passed worrying about warranty technicalities.
Good luck with morning fresh and alike on something like that 🤦‍♂️

Murray Stevens
great point keep in mind if you use SH mix hot you might damage the Brussels on your brush.
Make sure use first rise off panels before using brush if you think the SH is to hot.
Treat the panels like if your Softwashing a wall don’t let it dry !!!!! You don’t want to burn the glass or Plastic top of the panels ... charge more money . If you have a Plastic scraper Try that too. Let us know what route you took and how it came out . 😎