Do you know how much your roof worth?

Per hour you can make $1.37 form every square meter.


Daily global solar exposure report from and this says that your roof can get you approximately $1.37 per hour from per square meter.

The below information is generated by O'Connor - Base Station and collected from Australian Government - Bureau of Meteorology website.

Daily Global Solar Exposure

Note: The Daily global solar exposure is the total solar energy for a day falling on a horizontal surface. It is measured from midnight to midnight. The values are usually highest in clear sun conditions during the summer and lowest during winter or very cloudy days. About global solar exposure

So, this above statistics says that from your roof every hour on an average Annual mean daily global exposure to Jul this year = 4.3  kWh m-2

So, that means you can make at least $1.37 per hour from every square meter of roof space.

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