Why is my electricity bill so high with solar panels?
Solar panels reduce the bill but still you can't see the changes then it means a something fishy around of it, lets find it
6 December, 2023 by
Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
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It’s a wise decision for you to start to use solar energy for electricity. Solar energy can reduce your home's electricity bill substantially. What if that is not the situation? Perhaps your bills have increased and you believe your solar performance has decreased? Let's look into the reasons behind high electricity bills with your solar energy system for home.

Why is my electricity bill so high with solar panels

Here are 8 Potential reasons why the electricity bill is so excessive.

1.More electricity being used post solar panel installation

2.Higher electricity consumption at night

3.Weather not conducive for solar energy production

4.Solar system is not switched on after solar meter installation.

5.Faulty solar system

Here we have discussed about the potential reasons for that problem:

1. Solar system isn't turn on

Although it may seem apparent, you would be astonished at how frequently a solar power installer would forget to turn on the system before they go off or to remind you to switch it on. Frequently, the system will be turned off at first—for example, if you haven't received a new solar meter yet. Furthermore, it will not be performing its magic if it's turned 


2.You are using more power

If you think now you can use more power than before just because you have installed a solar panel. Once your solar power comes to an end, it will simply begin to consume energy from the grid instead.

Here the solution is: you must know how much electricy your solar produces and how much you consume. Then sort out the abnormality.

3.Big appliances

You may be using significantly more energy than usual if you routinely run a heat pump, washing machine, dryer, or central air conditioning (which uses roughly 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually).

This could therefore consume your solar savings and make it harder for you to benefit from your system's cost-saving features.

Lastly, not all appliance can run on solar panels while saving your bills. 

4. You are using more electricity at night

You can use solar electricity as much as your solar panel system is able to produce. That means the sun must be seen in the sky. If you are not storing solar energy in batteries,then you are using regular grid power while the moon is in the sky.

5. Enough sunlight not available

The more the day is sunny, the more power solar panels can generate. Solar panels can produce power on cloudy days too but the power output will be reduced when compared to power generated on a sunny day. you will notice the change when it is exceptionally cloudy and gloomy, especially when it lasts for long periods of time.

5. Trees blocking sunlight

In order to let solar panels efficiently gather solar energy, they must first be completely exposed to sunlight. If trees in front block the sun, the solar panels will not receive enough sunlight directly, which will reduce energy collection efficiency. This will result in less energy stored in the battery. Then you will have to consume more grid power.

For shading problems or insufficient sunlight on your rooftop, you must install the best solar panels for shading problems

6. Build up of dust and grime

If dust, grime etc. accumulate on the solar panels, the power production will be greatly declined. But the good news for you is, they will shine in no time with a professional solar panel clean!

7. Diminished feed-in solar tariff

A credit for excess solar energy produced by your system and transmitted back to the grid is known as a solar feed-in tariff. In Queensland, rates can range from 4c to 8.5c. It depends on the agreement you have with your power provider.

Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
6 December, 2023

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