How much is a 12 kw solar system
12 kw solar system price would be around $8000 to $10000 in Australia depends on roof type and other factors
28 November, 2023 by
Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
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The 12Kw Solar system save incredible energy and commonly used for big homes, commercial buildings. 

The price of 12Kw solar system depends on a few factors and they are: 

  1. Number of panels

  2. Micro Inverter type

  3. Roof catagory

  4. Single or multi-storey

  5. Meter type

Today, we will discuss these various factors while installing a 12 KW solar system for you. So, lets jump in!

Cost of 12 kw solar system

To install such a solar system you must have adequate space on your rooftop to install a minimum 31 panels. 

The price, sets on so many factors as I said earlier. But the main price point basically depends on which solar company you prefer to install.

For example, Jinko Solar comes with 35 panels which costs approximately $4432

Now, the inverter comes to charge. For 12Kw panels, you would need 3 Phase inverters. So, lets say, for Jinko N Type 440W Solar inverter this would additionally cost more then $4000. 

Now, Roof type is another factor which additionally comes to add to the bill. 

By the way, we don’t charge extra when your roof type would be Tin. But the Terracotta or metal roof gives our Solar installer agents a big hassle to install up the panels. For that, we demands a few hundred dollars more for it. 

Last but not the least, the Property type and meter type set the final price point. 

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Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
28 November, 2023

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