Goodwe Vs Sungrow Inverter
Both companies have carved out a significant market share, reflecting their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the renewable energy sector
21 January, 2024 by
Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
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Goodwe and Sungrow are reputable inverter brands offering reliable energy solutions. Both deliver efficient performance in solar energy conversion but differ in features and global reach.

Goodwe is recognized for its user-friendly and intelligent energy management systems, while Sungrow boasts a strong global presence and a broad product range catering to various solar applications. Selecting the right inverter for your solar installation is crucial for optimal energy production and system reliability.

Goodwe and Sungrow inverters stand out as top choices in the solar industry, each with its unique strengths.

Goodwe inverters typically appeal to homeowners due to their smart monitoring features and ease of use, while Sungrow is favored for large-scale solar projects, thanks to its extensive experience and diverse offerings. 

Consumers compare these brands based on their specific needs, considering factors such as efficiency, durability, price, and after-sales support.


Goodwe Vs Sungrow Inverter

GoodWe and Sungrow stand tall in the arena of solar technology. Both brands have established a robust foothold across global markets, each known for their cutting-edge solar inverters. This section deep dives into the rich history and market presence of these stalwart brands.

Brand Histories

Understanding the roots of GoodWe and Sungrow illuminates why these brands lead today’s solar industry.


  • Founded in 2010 in China

  • Specializes in research and manufacturing of photovoltaic inverters

  • Known for both residential and commercial solar solutions


  • Established in 1997, also in China

  • Focuses on providing clean power generation

  • Caters to a wide range of inverter sizes

Market Presence

The reach of GoodWe and Sungrow extends far beyond their origins, impacting solar installations worldwide.


Global Reach

Product Range


Active in 100+ countries

Diverse, covering residential to utility-scale projects


Presence in over 150 countries

Comprehensive, including solar and energy storage solutions

Technical Specifications Showdown

Welcome to the Technical Specifications Showdown, where we pit two inverter giants, Goodwe and Sungrow, against each other. Delving into this arena, we dissect their performance on efficiency, range, and innovative features. This face-off will illuminate which inverter may suit your solar solutions best. Prepare for an insightful journey through the capabilities of these impressive technologies.

Efficiency Comparison

Both Goodwe and Sungrow inverters boast impressive energy conversion efficiencies, a crucial factor for solar system performance. Let's compare robust stats to see who leads in this technical bout:


Maximum Efficiency





Goodwe presents an impressive maximum efficiency rate, but Sungrow edges forward slightly in this domain, offering a marginally higher peak efficiency.

Range Of Products

Versatility is key in the inverter marketplace. Goodwe and Sungrow cater to various needs with their extensive inverter lines. Check out the variety:

  • Goodwe:

    • Residential inverters

    • Commercial solutions

    • Storage inverters

  • Sungrow:

    • Residential units

    • Large-scale commercial systems

    • Utility-grade inverters

The array from Goodwe and Sungrow spans from small home systems to industrial-grade solutions, ensuring they accommodate every user’s requirements.

Innovative Features

Innovation sets the pace in the solar industry. Goodwe and Sungrow don't just compete; they lead with features that push the technological envelope:

  • Goodwe:

    • AI-powered active arc detection

    • Smart energy management

    • Integrated EMS for storage inverters

  • Sungrow:

    • iSolarCloud monitoring platform

    • Advanced grid support features

    • IP65 protection for outdoor durability

The battle of features showcases Goodwe favoring smart home integration while Sungrow excels with robust remote monitoring and protective measures against the elements.

Installation And Usability

Choosing the right solar inverter is crucial for your solar energy system. Goodwe and Sungrow inverters stand out in the market. Let's explore their installation and usability.

Ease Of Installation

Goodwe inverters are known for their lightweight design. This makes them easy to handle. They come with clear instructions. Installers praise the simple wiring process because it saves time.

Sungrow inverters offer flexibility in installation. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups. Their plug and play feature reduces complex steps.

  • Quick setup time

  • Comprehensive manuals

  • Customer support

User Interface And Monitoring

The user interface plays a key role in operating the inverter efficiently. Goodwe’s interface is intuitive. Users can navigate through settings with ease. The Wi-Fi monitoring feature is a plus.

With Sungrow, the focus is on real-time monitoring. The dashboard displays key metrics at a glance. Users can access data anytime, anywhere through their app. Both brands offer free monitoring platforms.





Quick, Easy

Versatile, User-Friendly





Wi-Fi Enabled

Mobile App

Both inverters ensure that users spend less time worrying about setup and operation, more time enjoying their clean energy.



Cost Considerations

Choosing between Goodwe and Sungrow inverters involves evaluating costs. Smart buyers weigh the initial investment against long-term savings. Diving deeper, we compare upfront costs, value over time, and warranty provisions.

Upfront Costs

Price tags matter when investing in solar inverters. Goodwe and Sungrow inverters vary in cost. The choice may hinge on the budget. Consider available features and power requirements. A quick glance reveals:

  • Goodwe: Competitive prices with essential features for small to medium-sized systems.

  • Sungrow: Slightly higher initial cost but includes advanced technology for robust systems.

The right inverter balances price with system needs. Seek an inverter that fits the bill without overspending.

Long-term Value

Peek beyond the purchase point. Long-term value comes from efficiency and durability. Goodwe and Sungrow inverters promise:






Consistent performance



Adaptability to various environments

Durable inverters with high efficiency yield savings over time. Pick an inverter that cuts power bills and lasts.

Warranty Differences

Warranties protect investments against defects. Goodwe and Sungrow offer distinct warranty terms:

  1. Goodwe: Standard 5-year warranty, with optional extensions.

  2. Sungrow: Standard 10-year warranty, signaling strong manufacturer confidence.

Consider the longevity and support of the inverter. A longer warranty period may point to a more reliable choice.

Reliability And Performance

Reliability and performance are critical when selecting a solar inverter for your energy needs. Goodwe and Sungrow inverters have become household names in the solar industry and for good reason. Let's compare how these inverters measure up in terms of durability, customer service, and overall performance.

Durability In Harsh Conditions

Both Goodwe and Sungrow inverters are designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. Robustly built to last, these devices promise consistent operation even in challenging weather.


Temperature Range

Protection Rating


-25°C to 60°C



-25°C to 60°C


Goodwe and Sungrow boast similar temperature ranges and protection ratings. Both can survive extremely cold and hot temperatures. This means they keep working where others might fail.

Customer Service And Support

Superior customer service often sets a company apart. Solar inverter brands are no different. Goodwe and Sungrow offer comprehensive service and support to their customers.

  • Warranty: Both offer up to 10 years warranty, reassuring long-term reliability.

  • Technical Support: Experts are on call to guide installation, troubleshooting, or any technical concerns.

  • Accessibility: Multiple contact options like phone, email, or live chat cater to customer preferences.

  • Resource Materials: Manuals, FAQs, and video tutorials are readily accessible for DIY fixes and education.

Real-time service and extensive resources from Goodwe and Sungrow reflect their dedication to customer satisfaction. Both offer solid warranties and excellent support networks.

Environmental Footprint

Choosing an inverter for your solar panels is not just about performance. It’s about how kind that choice is to our planet. Both GoodWe and Sungrow inverters come with features aimed at reducing the environmental footprint. Let's dive into how these two brands measure up in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient inverters lead to less energy waste. GoodWe and Sungrow have engineered their inverters for peak energy efficiency. This means more of the sun's power becomes usable electricity for your home or business.

  • GoodWe inverters boast impressive conversion efficiencies, some up to 98.3%.

  • Sungrow inverters are not far behind, with models achieving up to 98.2% efficiency.

High efficiency ratings translate to an eco-friendlier system, with fewer carbon emissions over its lifespan.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

The way inverters are made matters too. GoodWe and Sungrow have both taken steps to sustain the environment.





Uses sustainable materials.

Reduces waste and pollution.


Energy-efficient factories.

Lesser energy consumption in production.

These practices show GoodWe and Sungrow are committed to protecting our planet. They ensure their production has minimal negative impact on the environment.

Consumer Ratings And Industry Reviews

When choosing an inverter, consumers and industry experts look at performance and reliability. Goodwe and Sungrow stand out in the market. Both brands have cultivated reputations through consumer feedback and professional reviews. Let's explore how they stack up.

User Testimonials

User experiences shine a light on real-world performance.

  • Goodwe inverters often receive praise for their quiet operation and user-friendly interface.

  • Sungrow inverters are commended for their efficiency and robustness in diverse weather conditions.

Here are two testimonials:

"My Goodwe inverter has run without a hitch for years; it’s really low-maintenance." – Jane D.

"Sungrow's customer service was top-notch when I needed support." – Ahmed G.

Awards And Recognition

Awards indicate an inverter's industry impact. Both Goodwe and Sungrow have their share of accolades.




EUPD Research Top Brand PV 2020


TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Award

While Goodwe earned the prestigious title for brand presence, Sungrow received recognition for product quality. These acknowledgements reassure buyers and industry professionals of the brands' commitments to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions For Goodwe Vs Sungrow Inverter


Which Is More Efficient: Goodwe Or Sungrow?


Goodwe and Sungrow inverters both offer high efficiency levels, often exceeding 98%. However, specific models may vary slightly in efficiency. It's important to compare the exact models to determine which is more efficient for your needs.


How Do Goodwe And Sungrow Inverters Compare In Cost?


On average, Goodwe inverters are competitively priced and may offer better value for smaller residential installations. Sungrow inverters can be more expensive but are known for robust performance and might be preferable for larger or commercial systems.


What Is The Warranty Period For Goodwe And Sungrow Inverters?


Goodwe typically offers a standard 5-year warranty, with options to extend up to 10-25 years. Sungrow also offers a 5-year standard warranty, with extensions available. Warranty conditions can vary based on the region and supplier.


Are Goodwe And Sungrow Inverters Compatible With Battery Storage?


Yes, both Goodwe and Sungrow offer inverters that are compatible with battery storage systems. They provide hybrid inverter models designed to work seamlessly with various battery technologies.




Deciding between Goodwe and Sungrow inverters boils down to your specific needs. Both offer reliability and efficiency in harnessing solar energy. Consider your power requirements, budget, and desired features carefully. Whichever you choose, you're investing in a greener future and potential savings on energy costs.


Make the choice that aligns with your energy goals for the best results.

Ausgreen Solar Solutions, Von Mike
21 January, 2024

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