Understanding the Sustainable Household Scheme
Learn about the Sustainable Household Scheme and how it can benefit your home. Explore eligibility and benefits.
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Understanding the Sustainable Household Scheme
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The urgency of addressing climate change has become increasingly apparent, underscoring the necessity of reducing human contributions to global warming. In pursuit of a sustainable future, the Australian Capital Territory has introduced the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme, designed to assist homeowners and small businesses in adopting environmentally friendly practices. Let's delve deeper into the eligibility criteria for this initiative.

What is the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme?

The ACT Sustainable Household Scheme is an initiative launched by the government of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It represents a significant step toward a sustainable future by providing support to households aiming to adopt eco-friendly practices. The program has allocated funds to offer interest-free loans to eligible ACT households, ranging from $2,000 to $15,000, to help cover the initial costs of implementing energy-efficient upgrades in their homes.

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By reducing the environmental footprint of households, this scheme actively contributes to mitigating the impacts of climate change, while also promoting a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, the Scheme extends its support to community-based sustainability projects and has already received applications from 5,000 homes, along with 44 installers and suppliers. It encourages households to take advantage of its rebates and incentives to make their homes more environmentally sustainable.

How Does the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme Work?

The ACT Sustainable Household Scheme offers interest-free loans to eligible households, enabling them to invest in eco-friendly products and services. Under this program, ACT residents and licensed drivers who meet the criteria can apply for loans ranging from $2,000 to $15,000. Additionally, individuals may also qualify for subsidies through other programs, such as the Home Energy Support Program. The program is being rolled out in phases to help individuals make their homes more self-sufficient. Fresh applications will be accepted for the next five years or until the budget is depleted.

These loans can be utilized to purchase and install items categorized into three groups:

  1. Category A: This includes rooftop solar panels and household battery storage systems, designed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and generate electricity.

  2. Category B: This category covers electric reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, as well as efficient electric stovetops, aimed at replacing gas or inefficient electrical appliances.

  3. Category C: Electric vehicles, both new and used, are included in this category, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.

The Scheme will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Targeting households making purchases from Categories A and B.
  • Phase 2: Expanding to include households purchasing from Category C.
  • Phase 3: Extending support to non-profit community organizations.

Additional products may be evaluated for inclusion during the lifespan of the scheme. If you are interested in participating in the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme, you can review the eligibility criteria, which will be discussed later in this article, and apply for an interest-free loan to acquire eligible items.

What Is the Significance of the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme?

The ACT is firmly committed to one of the most ambitious climate change agendas globally, with a goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2045. Installing and utilizing energy-efficient products is a critical step towards achieving this objective. Here are some key reasons why the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme is of great importance:

  • Facilitating Transition: These loans make it more accessible for individuals to transition to more sustainable products and practices.

  • Renewable Energy Adoption: The scheme leverages renewable energy sources to reduce energy costs while simultaneously curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Implementation Success: Many ACT households have already installed solar systems, batteries, reverse cycle heating and cooling systems, and energy-efficient electric stovetops through this Scheme.

  • Electric Vehicle Uptake: Over 100 new electric vehicles and around 50 used electric vehicles have been acquired with the assistance of zero-interest loans.

  • Climate-Conscious Choices: This initiative plays a crucial role in fostering a sustainable, zero-emissions future by offering environmentally conscious options and cost-effective emission reduction solutions.

How to check Sustainable Household Scheme Eligibility and how does it works?

Who can take part


It's open to residents of the ACT who either own a home or hold a current driving licence (when applying for a loan for an electric vehicle).

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Community Groups

Eligible groups can get a loan from $2,000 to $15,000 to buy energy-efficient products.

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In conclusion, the ACT Sustainable Household Scheme is a commendable effort by the Australian Capital Territory government to empower individuals and communities to take active steps toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future, while also contributing to global efforts to combat climate change.

Understanding the Sustainable Household Scheme
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
19 September, 2023

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