Triple Zero - Electrical Safety Everyone's Essential Responsibility
Electrical Safety Highest Priority, Like As It's Essential To Hire Accredited Installer,
24 January, 2021 by
Triple Zero - Electrical Safety Everyone's Essential Responsibility
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
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Triple Zero (000) - Electrical Safety For Solar Installers:

Electrical Safety - Essential And Top Most Responsibility For All Solar Installer And Always Above Everyone's Essential Responsibility.

Why Hire Accredited Installer?

As Electrical Safety is everyone's essential responsibility, it's way more essential for consumers to hire accredited solar power system installer to make sure that you are not ignoring your top most responsibility when comes to electrical safety.  

Electrical safety

Electrical safety saves lives. Every householder in NSW is legally obliged to keep their home safe, including the way electricity is used.  

Five (05) Thumb Rules Of Power Tool Safety - (For Installers)

Below are the essential thumb rules for all the fellow installer and we would appreciate if the property owners too help every installation team member to follow extreme safety precautions,

Assess your work area Before you use any power tool in your home look around for potential hazards. 

Check whether,
    01) There is water near the electrical equipment you are using  

    02) Electrical leads can be tripped over
    03) There are any hazards behind the wall you are about to drill into.

Being aware of your immediate environment and avoiding risk is the most effective way for you to stay safe

Use the right tool for the job

Choosing the tool appropriate for the job is necessary to avoid incidents and injuries. Trying to “make do” with the tools that you have isn’t smart – all tools are designed for a specific reason and not using them properly may cause you harm. You could overheat your power tool or cause it to malfunction.

Do not use electric tools in wet conditions unless they are approved for that use and use tools that are double-insulated or have a three-pronged cord.

Do not use damaged tools

Checking and inspecting of power tools before you do anything is crucial to identify defective or damaged equipment. Damaged equipment can also cause severe injuries such as cuts, punctures, blindness or electrical shock. Never carry a power tool by its cord as this will cause damage to the wiring.

Operate tools according to the manufacturers’ instructions

 Equipment manuals help guide users on how to handle and operate tools as intended. You should read and comply with manufacturers’ guides to avoid mishandling of tools that lead to otherwise avoidable accidents.

Provide proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

PPE helps to ensure your safety by reducing any physical hazards caused by power tools. You should wear appropriate PPE to avoid electric shock, burns, blindness, or respiratory and skin diseases when working around electricity, flammable gases, volatile liquids, or other explosive materials.

Triple Zero - Electrical Safety Everyone's Essential Responsibility
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
24 January, 2021

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