RESU13 Battery Storage System Warranty
Limited Warranty - RESU13 Battery
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Battery Storage System Warranty
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This is from LG official document published here RESU13 Battery Storage System Warranty
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Limited Warranty for RESU13 Battery Storage System

This limited warranty (hereinafter ‘Warranty’) specified below applies to LG Chem Lithium-ion battery and the Accessory Component (hereinafter ‘Products’) supplied by LG Chem, Ltd. (hereinafter ‘LG Chem’ or ‘Seller’) to End-user (hereinafter ‘Buyer’) through their Reseller.

Following warranty is provided for the below product.

Product Name

Serial Number


1. Purpose

The primary purpose of this ‘Warranty’ is to clearly define the matters related to warranty policy of the ‘Products’.

2. Obligations

2.1 ‘Buyer’ should use and maintain the ‘Products’ as specified in the Attachment 1 ('Battery Technical Specifications') and Attachment 2 (‘Standard Conditions of Use’).
2.2 ‘Buyer’ shall comply with the manuals and precautions provided by ‘LG Chem’ (hereinafter referred to as 'Safety Documents') when using the ‘Products’. In addition, the ‘Products’ shall be used only for the purpose designated by 'LG Chem'.

3. Warranty Term

3.1 The warranty shall begin to take effect either (i) on the date of installation or (ii) twelve (12) months from the date of manufacture, whichever occurs first, and such warranty shall be valid for a period of ten (10) years.

4. Warranty

4.1 ‘LG Chem’ guarantees Energy Retention upon the earlier of the date the Warranty Term has expired or the Aggregate Energy Throughput referred in below table is reached, when the battery system is operated under normal use. ‘LG Chem' warrants the performance of the ‘Products’ shall begin to take effect either (i) on the date of installation or (ii) twelve (12) months from the date of manufacture, whichever occurs first.
Energy Retention
Aggregate Throughput
60% at 10 years from
warranty term
commencement date
The value of energy aggregate throughput and retention shall be measured on the following conditions by ‘LG Chem’, when warranty validation is required by ‘Buyer’.

Capacity measurement condition
  • Ambient temperature: 25~30℃
  • Initial battery temperature from BMS: 25~30℃
  • Charging/discharging method
- Charge: 0.2CC/CV, Cut-off current 0.05C at 58.8V
- Discharge: 0.2CC, Cut off voltage 42V
- Current and voltage measurement at battery side

5. Notification of Defect and Identification of Cause

5.1 The ‘Buyer’ shall promptly notify their Reseller or ‘LG Chem' if any of the ‘Products’ are found to be defective or if any quality-related problems are raised due to the defect. The same shall apply if the ‘Products’ do not meet the performance as described in Article 4.
5.2 If the ‘Buyer’ intends to raise a claim due to the quality defect of the ‘Products’, the ‘Buyer’ shall provide LG Chem with each of the following information.

(1) Proof of the purchase
(2) Symptoms of the defect and when it occurred
(3) Serial number of the ‘Products’

5.3 ‘LG Chem’ should promptly identify the defect notified by ’Buyer’, and repair or replace the defect under warranty by using an objective inspection method.

6. Replace or Repair
6.1 If 'LG Chem' is found to be liable for the defect of the 'Products' under Article 5, ‘LG Chem’shall finally decide whether to (i) repair the defective ‘Products’, or (ii) replace the defective ‘Products’ with intact parts that are free of any defects and equal in value.
6.2 The warranty period for the repaired or replaced part shall be the remainder of the warranty period for the original parts.
6.3 ‘LG Chem' shall not indemnify or compensate for any damages unless otherwise explicitly specified herein.
6.4 The Warranty for defective ‘Products’ are only valid when they have been repaired or replaced by LG Chem qualified personnel.

In the event the Products are not available in the market anymore, LGC, at its option, may replace it with different kind of product with equivalent functions and performances or refund the remaining annually depreciated value of the purchase price of the Products during the Term of Performance
Warranty as the Compensation Scheme below. 

The purchase price mentioned hereinabove means the list price actually paid by the Buyer for the purchase.
- Compensation Scheme Residual value in AUD = purchasing price in AUD / 120 x (120 - Operation time after installation in month)
No warranty of performance will be provided from the 121st month

7. General Exclusions

This Limited Warranty does not apply to any defect or performance failure resulting from any of the following.
  • When the ‘Products’ are not manufactured by 'LG Chem'
  • When the ‘Products’ are transported, stored, installed or wired improperly and in violation of the official installation manual.
  • When the ‘Buyer’ disassembles or dismantles the 'Products' without prior consent of 'LG Chem'.
  • When a third-party’s product or part is assembled or used in combination with ‘Products’ of 'LG Chem'.
  • When the defect occurs or the scope of the defect expands due to improper repair of ‘Products’ carried out by non- approved technician by ‘LG Chem’.
  • When a fault occurs in the ‘Products’ due to the willful misconduct or negligence of the 'Buyer'.
  • When the defect occurs due to the misuse, faulty use, or negligent use of the ‘Products’.
  • When the ‘Buyer’ violated Article 8.
  • When the ‘Products” are used with an incompatible (Not Matched) inverter.
  • When the ‘Products’ are used for purposes other than the Application under Article 4.
  • When a claim is raised for the ‘Products’ after the warranty period specified in Article 3 and Article 4 has elapsed.
  • When the scope of the defect has expanded because the 'Buyer’ did not immediately notify ‘LG Chem’ of the defect of the ‘Products’.
  • When the ‘Products’ are affected by unusual physical or electrical stresses such as blackout,inrush current, lightning, flood, fire, incidental damage, or etc.
  • When the defect occurs in the '‘Products’' due to force majeure events, such as war, riot,civil war, natural disasters, etc., that ‘LG Chem’ cannot be held responsible for.
  • When the ‘Products’ are externally damaged but its performance and function is not affected.
  • When the 'Buyer' violates applicable laws or regulations of the state, county or local government while using the '‘Products’'
  • Other defects not attributable to 'LG Chem'

8. Special Provisions

The 'Products’ covered by this Warranty shall not be used for the facilities such as radiation control areas, nuclear reactors, facilities related to nuclear safety, facilities that use nuclear power, and other related facilities as well as the facilities that potentially may have direct patient contact.
The ‘Products’ covered by this Warranty may be used for life-support equipment only with the prior written consent of 'LG Chem.'

9. Contact

Should ‘Buyer’ have any questions or want to file a claim, ‘Buyer’ shall contact ‘LG Chem’ using the following contact information.

Email: [email protected] HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES +1 888 375 8044 [email protected] EUROPE / UNITED KINGDOM (EXCEPT ITALY) +49 (0) 6196 5719 660 [email protected] ITALY +39 (0)2 9475 9742 [email protected] AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND +61 1300 178 064 [email protected]

10. Applicable law

The Warranty is subjected to law of Australian State. Products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. The Buyer is entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. The Buyer is
also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the Products fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits to the consumer given by the warranty are in addition to any other rights and remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods or
services to which the warranty relates. This warranty only applies to the Buyer who have purchased the Products for their own use.

11. Applicable Countries

This warranty is applicable only in the countries listed as below, and ‘LG Chem’ is not responsible for any claims against this Warranty made in and/or based on the event occurred in any countries other than listed herein.

Australia, New Zealand

Attachment 1. ‘Battery Technical Specifications’
Attachment 2. ‘Standard Conditions of Use’

Attachment 1. Battery Technical Specifications


Figure: Table 1.1 Specification Overview of RESU13 Items RESU13 Cell JH3 Nom. Voltage/ Operating Voltage Range 51.8 V / 42 ~ 58.8V Total Energy Capacity 13.048 kWh Max. Power / Max. Current 5 kW / 119 A 7 kW / 166.7 A Peak Power (for 3sec) / Peak Current (for 3sec) Electrical Peak Power for Backup Mode Standard Charging Condition Charging Current Cut off condition (58.8 V) (CC) Std. Discharging Condition (CC) Peak Current excludes repeated short duration (less than 3 sec.) of current pattern. 11kW for 3sec 56.7 A 12.6A @ 58.8V, Ambient 25℃ Discharge Current 56.7 A Cut off Condition Discharge Cut off voltage : 42 V Battery pack Round-trip Efficiency >95% (under specific condition) Communication Interface CAN 2.0b Standard ID (500kbps) DC Disconnect Circuit Breaker, Contactor, Fuse Installation location Indoor(Wall-mounted) / Outdoor (if installed outdoors, do not allow the battery pack to be exposed to direct sunlight and moisture) Environmental Operating Temperature Range -10 ~ 50 ℃ Optimal Range 15 ~ 30 ℃ 1. - 30℃ ~ 60℃ Storage Temperature Range (Acceptable for max 7 days) 2. - 20℃ ~ 45 (max 6 months) Operating Humidity Range Altitude Max. 2,000m Cooling Strategy Reliability & Certification Safety Cell Battery Pack Hazardous Materials Classification Transportation Ingress 5 ~ 95%, Non Condensing Natural convection UL1642 CE/ FCC / RCM / TUV (IEC 62619), UL1973 Class 9 UN38.3 (UNDOT) IP55 Attachment 2. Standard Conditions of Use 2.1 Operating Condition The ‘Products’ shall be operated in accordance with the basic operating conditions (Table 2.1)

Table 2.1 Basic operating condition  2.2 Storage Condition 2.2. 1 When the storage humidity falls outside the range, corrosion may occur or insulation performance may be affected.

Table 2.2 Battery Storage Conditions Battery Storage Conditions Storage Temperature Range Storage Humidity Range 1. - 30℃ ~ 60℃ (acceptable for 7 days) 2. - 20℃ ~ 45 (acceptable for 6 months) 5 ~ 95 % RH (Non Condensing)

Battery Storage System Warranty
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
9 January, 2021

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