Requirement Analysis
Know how much power you need

How much power you need?

Electrical power is measured in Watts and Energy consumption is measured in kiloWatt hours (kWh). A kiloWatt hour is simply:

The amount of electricity used (1000 Watts = 1 kiloWatts), in kiloWatts

    X multiplied by

The number of hours the energy is used.

Usually the calculation states the time period such as one day, one month or one year.

For example:
 if a 100 W light bulb is on for 10 hours a day then:

100/1000 (kilowatt) x 10 (hours) = 1 kWh per day.

In one month, that same 100 W light bulb, turned on for 10 hours a day will consume:

100/1000 (kiloWatt) x 10 (hours) x 30 days = 30 kWh hours per month.

Your electrical bill will usually show how many kWh all of your electrical devices used over the last billing period (usually around 30 days).

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Requirement Analysis
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
8 June, 2021
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