Don't give away data broker or marketers your information over net
26 February, 2021 by
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
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Protect your privacy from those data broker,

Wish you have a lovely weekend :
Don't give away your privacy or information to some one who's only business is just your information. Be aware of cyber security.

Why? Cause the money that the real seller is paying them for your information obviously goes from your pocket only.

They just always wait their with eye catchy or talks to draw your attention to get your your foot print.

Specially be sensitive about giving out your information to those review providers, cause they really never care about the actual intention. Its all about your information. 

Deal with the real business and just don't give away you  details to some one who will be giving away this to whom, you never know.

This 2021 be a bit special cautious about your information security.

How to Set Up Your Devices for Privacy Protection

--------- Computers, smartphones and Internet-connected gadgets have made our lives easier to the point where we'd be stuck without them. The flip side is the more we rely on them, the more data passes through them and potentially out of our control. Sadly, these devices are often poorly privacy protected, for example a 2016 study of Android devices showed a shocking 34% of users don't even have a pass code set!Emoji But never fear — we're here to help you avoid being a scary statistic. We've compiled step-by-step guides to protecting your privacy on these devices: iOS Android Mac Windows 10Windows 7Linux ,

We encourage you to go through the guides relevant for your devices for specific tips including screenshots, though regardless of device, here are some steps that everyone should take:Set a password or pass code.

Encrypt your computer and phone.Don't use an admin account for daily use.Remove unneeded apps and extensions.Keep your devices up-to-date.Review which apps can access your personal data.Use a mobile app or browser extension that protects your privacy as you surf the web.These steps are simple, quick, and yet go a long way to keeping your personal information safe and helping you sleep soundly at night.

Ausgreen Solar Solutions
26 February, 2021

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