Solar Energy Assessment

Know what is professional Solar Energy Assessment


We know you hear a lot about this free assessment from most of the companies who are into solar energy sales and finally you end up with a sales pitch but not a professional solar energy assessment.

What a professional solar energy assessment includes?

  1. PV Performance Assessment Study
  2. Yield assessment.
  3. Photovoltaic electricity output assessment.
  4. Optimum angel of pv panels assessment.
  5. Air temperature assessment.
  6. Direct normal irradiation assessment.
  7. Defuse horizontal irradiation assessment

So from now on don't fall for those sales presentation trap who says offering solar energy assessment, but you end up attending a sales pitch without even getting the information that you actually need to know.

Here are some images from the application that we use for a professional solar energy assessment, for you to understand what exactly is solar energy assessment how it would help you in purchasing solar power system.

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