5% Price Beat Offer
Hybrid Solar 5% Price Beat Offer

Hybrid Solar 5% Price Beat Offer With 0% Up-front Cost:

Limited time offer power by,

  1. Upto 45c/kWh feed-in-tariff from Discover Energy.

  2. LG Chem / Alpha ESS battery.

  3. 0% Up-front charges for installations.

Eligibility Criteria,

  1. Existing offer must be from a company who in the market for more than 5 years. This is because some newly started company offers dead chap price with worst quality installation and get vanished after taking deposit or with in about a year or two.

  2. Existing offer must be from a CEC registered installer get this price beat on that offer. CEC registered members strictly needs to follow every bits of installation products quality guideline where as non registered companies uses no proper designing or standard in choosing installation equipment which includes even nuts and blots of the installation.

  3. Panels, inverter and battery band must be same. Because brand to brand panels, inverter or storage battery price varies and to claim price beat on some quotes offered by other company must match the range of brands.

Why Chose us,

  1. 25 Years of performance warranty and we ensure you get the warranty provided manufacturers for our each and every installation.

  2. 10 Years of workmanship warranty ensure you get the best services and be rest assured about your system.

  3. We use our own in house CRM to protect your information from data breach thus your information is not shared with any 3rd party / company or information broker.

  4. We are consistently working towards hunting best available resources for our customers and we are prod of your research and development team to help us support us to deliver as per our commitment.

  5. Know more about Why Chose Us for your solar power system installation or for your green energy resources.

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5% Price Beat Offer
Ausgreen Solar Solutions
7 July, 2021
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